Feathers Everywhere

July 19, 2020

Feathers Everywhere


Keep your eyes open on what the world has to offer

I came to view chance encounters with feathers as a good omen. No, I am not superstitious, love black cats, walking under the ladders does not frighten me and 13 has been my happy number (my son was born on the 13th), even though from time to time calamitous things happen on that day. But then again – they happen on other dates as well.

Embroidered feather necklaces

Some time ago I bought a book about self-development, meditation and affirmation. I was rather sceptical, but decided to have a go at one exercise whose aim was to prove the power of thought – the idea was that if you think about something often and long enough this thing will materialise. You know – think about money and you will win a lottery πŸ™‚ So I was to think about a pink feather every day and this pink feather was supposed to materialise before my eyes within seven day. Phew! As far as I was concerned, it was not going to happen unless I counted in feathers that were displayed in supermarkets’ craft sections and I was not going to do that!

It was exactly seventh day from the start of this exercise and I was by the river, where of course I expected to see feathers – there’s a lot of birds there after all. But I did not expect to see a pink one, yet there it was – pink feather floating down the river. It even swirled around as it was passing me as if to say “watch me, I am here, do not miss me.”

I am not telling you this little story to prove that the Universe “conspires” to give you what you want. I do not think the Universe gives a damn what we want . But if you want something, and it is there, you need to keep your eyes open to see it and seize it. If I hadn’t been thinking about a pink feather it would have probably floated by me without me realising it was there. Since then, I like feathers – they remind me to keep my eyes open and be aware.

feather on rain covered grass

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