For the Love of Birds

June 27, 2020

For the Love of Birds


I have never had a great understanding of birds. To tell you the absolute truth they always frightened me – quick and unpredictable, with tiny and scratchy claws… And do not forget the Hitchcock’s Birds – I always believed this movie to contained more than a grain of truth!

So how come I am making all those bird brooches? Well, the birds have always been in my life in the background (as they do, really). My favourite book, long long time ago, used to be Birdy by William Wharton. And my Grandmother used to love birds – she would tell us stories about which ones visited her garden, what they did and how they sang. I never quite understood her love for them at that time, but listened nevertheless. Now, when I am waiting with my camera near the bird feeder, I often think about Her.

Plus of course then I moved to the beautiful English countryside, where birds are held in great esteem. Also, it turned out that most of my friends can tell a difference between a great tit and a blue tit, and I can’t. So I started paying more attention. And I got to look into owl’s eyes, and spot a kingfisher dive into the river, and I fell in love. It is a journey, I have only started welcoming these feathery friends into my life and garden. It is a bumpy road as well – not long ago I had a head-on collision with a pigeon while running (we both survived) – but I think it will be a lasting relationship πŸ™‚

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