Brooch – a perfect jewellery gift

November 14, 2020

Brooch – a perfect jewellery gift


also for those who do not wear jewellery!

Jewellery is a perfect gift or so it seems. When you watch TV in December all the ads you see are either about buying sofas (as someone who came to leave in the UK from continental Europe, it alludes me why), new mobile phones or jewellery. I can definitely relate to the last one, but sometimes during fairs and markets I hear “Oh this is so beautiful, shame I do not wear jewellery”

So what do you give to your friend, girlfriend or wife who says exactly that? Chances are she does wear and like jewellery – she wears a wedding ring, small pearl earrings she got from her Dad or a tiny pendant you gave her for Christmas in 1993. In other words, she likes dainty jewellery that has in time become special to her. This is your safe option – pick something small and meaningful – like a zodiac sign or initial pendant. You can’t go wrong!

Feather Earrings
Feather Earrings

If you are more daring, go for something bigger. And here your perfect choice would be a brooch. Why? Pins and badges are the most versatile jewellery pieces. Historically they were meant to hold clothes together – like a shirt, belt or a shawl. And no reason they cannot be used this way nowadays! They are definitely practical, so much more than just an accessory!

A pumpkin brooch holds the scarf together

Some unorthodox places a brooch can be worn include a hat, (even woolly one!) a coat, handbag, or a backpack – a brooch is a piece of jewellery that doesn’t have to stay on – you take your shawl or jacket off and at the same time take off your jewellery. They can brighten winter outfits and dull dark official work dresses, turn your plain purse into work of art – imagination is the limit!

And finally – brooches speak! Like any other type of jewellery they help express one’s interests, feelings and opinions. The latter one especially if actual words cannot be used. Think of Madeleine Albright, former United States Secretary of States, whose collection of brooches is legendary and who used them to hint at her political views, when diplomatic protocol forbade it. Or Lady Hale, former President of the Supreme Court, who claimed she attached no meaning to her brooches, yet sparkled a national discussion wearing a spider brooch on one occasion. Of course we can use the brooch to simply manifest what we love. My most precious are owl brooches πŸ™‚

Barn Owl Pin – my favourite!

If all the above made you consider gifting a pin to someone, remember to choose something meaningful – a favourite stone, or a flower maybe? If your friend likes cycling how about a badge with a bicycle. Or a robin brooch for a birdwatcher? A unicorn for preschool teacher? It is a good idea to suggest how this could be worn – attach a card saying “Thought this would look lovely on your backpack” or “When you wear it to the office, hope it will make you feel like you are in your favourite forest” or “Hope this brooch will take you back to Amsterdam when pin put it on your scarf” You can say with words and let them later express this through jewellery they wear. Even if they think they do not wear jewellery – they will love and treasure their gift

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